Helping Military Families
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Help U.S. Troops is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, dedicated to helping active duty U.S. military personnel and their family members as needed.

Why do military families need help?

Our Active Duty people and their families have the same sort of "life's little crises" with which we all have to deal, except that they have far less funds to manage these emergencies.  In addition, in many cases there is the added burden of worry about the life and death issue.  These families deal with this every day and every night.  We as a charitable organization want to help relieve at least some of the financial despair that our service families face.

Often, especially during times of conflict, military families must relocate to another base, or leave base housing completely. During these times, or other situations associated with military life, families find themselves in financial emergencies including relocation costs, repairs, and other costly bills.

What is a relief benefit?

Relief benefits address the needs of families by providing financial assistance in the form of payment directly to service providers who perform repairs, replace broken equipment, or provide travel or relocation services to military families.

Who qualifies for relief benefits?

All active duty U.S. military personnel and their families are entitled to request relief benefits.  This includes Reservists who have been called to Active Duty as well as National Guard personnel who have been called to Active Duty.

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